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Most Popular Games at Live Casino

The most common and most popular casino games at a live casino are those that have been around in the casino world for many years, and whose origins go back hundreds of years. These are simply classic casino games in the true sense of the word and in other words, they are games that lots of people have been able to play throughout history. It's something special, considering it's been a popular game for so long. It does not matter which live casino you choose to play at if you are looking to play classic versions of classics such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat. But there will be different special variants of the classics, such as VIP roulette and VIP blackjack, for example.

But it is the classics like these that are still disturbed at various live casinos and the reason is really simple. If there were people hundreds of years ago who loved to play these casino games, and they still live today, it should be proof that they are entertaining and exciting games to play.

Live blackjack: Blackjack at a live casino is a classic casino game that you have probably played at your local pub or that you have played at your local casino. It is perhaps the world's most popular casino game, as it is both exciting and dependent on luck, but also has elements of skill that require the player to make active choices during the game. With other casino games being completely turn-based, and where the player basically only makes an active choice in connection with the placement of the bet, blackjack is a more interactive game.

Live Roulette: Live roulette is another great classic in a casino context and if you like playing roulette at a live casino; you will be able to find many different variants. But basically it's about predicting where a spinning ball should stop on a wheel. If you succeed in entering the correct color, number or area, you will collect a profit.

Live baccarat: Baccarat at live casino is also a common feature of the offer as it is also a classic casino game that dates back a long time. Baccarat can also be called punto banco , but when you play baccarat at a live casino, it is in most cases called baccarat and nothing else.

Live casino online we explain

What is live casino? Well, first of all you can say that it is basically the same as a traditional casino, but that the difference is that you play live casino on your mobile, live casino on computer or live casino on tablet, as opposed to visiting your land-based casino nearby. It also requires a sensible internet connection for you to be able to play live casino online, something that is usually not a requirement if you visit your local casino to play fun casino games. In other words, it is the technology that has made it possible to play live casino online and it basically works in exactly the same way as when you play casino games in real life, but that it is done digitally instead. Live dealers are the norm in a live casino and these usually sit in a live studio somewhere in the world, from where they broadcast the hands that are played, and where you can follow it all with microphones and cameras that go all the way into your digital device. So how do you play live casino? Below we guide you step by step:

As a player, you log in to a live casino, deposit money just like at any online casino, and then click your way to the selection of different casino games in the live casino.

Once you have chosen a game that attracts you, you can sit down at a table with suitable bets and then sit down with a dealer and sometimes other players. A little depending on the type of casino game you have chosen.

The live casino game will then be led by the dealer, who records everything from his studio, and who communicates with you using his tablet, microphones and of course the camera. Basically, it will be the same as playing casino in real life, but that you are at a longer distance to the casino table.

As live casino has become increasingly popular, there are now also many different variants of live casino and several different game developers have entered the market. In some well developed variants of live casino, there are interactive cameras, where the tables you play at have several camera angles and where you can choose the angle yourself, get high resolution images and zoom in on what is happening.

Another positive thing about live casino online today is that they have now developed the technology to work just as well in mobile phones or tablets. In other words, you can stream live casino games directly into your casino app on your phone, or if you choose to play live casino via your browser, in the same way as you do if you play live casino on a computer. It has further increased the availability and the quality of the live casino solutions today is at such a technical level that it mostly progresses without any problems.